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Trademark registration allows you to

Protect your assets

Protect your assets

Take legal action against anyone who uses your brand without your permission, including counterfeiters
Secure your name with ®

Secure your name with ®

Put the ® symbol next to your brand - to show that it’s yours and warn others against using it
Sell and license your brand

Sell and license your brand

80%+ of a company value is intellectual property, sole rights to your brand is fundamental

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Tell us your brand name

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We take care of the paperwork

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Application success rate 95% 40% 80%
Average additional costs 0 $500 $1500
Filing time 48 hours 7-14 days 14-30 days
Focused specialization in digital assets protection + - -

Our €199 plan consists of

Research and evaluation of the mark for absolute grounds

Search for identical trademarks

Recommendation of the appropriate class(es) and good/service description

Preparing and filing an application

Opposition monitoring

Trademark registration status updates


What is the difference between my business name and a trademark?

The business name is simply that, a name, a way to identify a business, entity, or individual. A trademark is not limited to a business name but can also include a phrase, logo, symbol, design, image, or a combination of these elements. But most important, trademarks are property.

Why should I register my trademark?

Similar to any other tangible property, the owner of a trademark has the exclusive rights to the trademark and can prevent another individual from using the trademark.

Do I need to register my domain as a trademark?

If you are providing goods or services from an internet based business only, then a trademark is necessary to protect your business. Someone could possibly use a very similar domain name selling the same products and piggyback off your marketing efforts.
The primary advantage of using a trademarked domain name is protection. If someone attempts to register a similar domain to steal your customers, you have legal recourse. This trademark will protect you in the case of misspellings or variations on the top level domain (.com, .org, .net).

Does my domain name qualifies for a trademark registration?

Not every domain name will qualify for trademark protection. The use of common or generic names will not usually meet the criteria of a trademark. Domain name trademark applies to a domain name if:

  • It is distinctive or its distinction results from consumer association of the name and the Internet business; and
  • The owner of the domain name was the first to use it in association with the sale of goods or services.

Do I need to register my business name and logo separately?

Yes. In most countries the government trademark office allows one trademark—that's one name, one logo, or one slogan —per application. You can register a logo that includes text, but then the design and the text together are considered one trademark. Want them protected individually? You'd need to file two applications.

How long will it take to register my trademark?

We will prepare and file your application within 48 hours. Approval from the government trademark office takes on average 3-6 months.

Is there a risk my trademark could get rejected?

Yes. A government trademark office might reject your mark if there's a chance consumers could confuse it with another trademark (i.e. if your mark sounds like or looks like another mark in a similar industry). To minimize this risk, our attorneys conduct a comprehensive trademark search for identical trademarks prior to filing an application.

I found a trademark similar to mine. Can I still register it?

Most often no. However, it might be possible if the other mark is used for different products or services (different trademark classes).

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